Airpods… remember them? They were introduced alongside iPhone 7, if you remember, and then there were a bunch of delays, a bunch of more delays.. and now after trying them out for a couple of months, I decided to give them my final verdict.

So in case you forgot, what’s actually special about them besides the fact that they’re wireless, is the W1 Chip. This is a new feature, and if you can get past the fact that they look like a slightly larger version of the Apple EarPods, with a longer stem and erm… the weird erm… (basically, if you can get past all the jokes), this is what you should actually know about them:

The W1 Chip was introduced for easy pairing of these AirPods to all your apple devices, without you having to sign in… so as long as you have an AppleID on your device – so for me that’s my iPhone, my iPad any of my MacBook Pro, this will be able to pair with all of them instantly, via bluetooth.

When you actually wear them, the audio automatically starts playing but when you pull them out of your ear, the music actually stops. Which is convenient, should one of them fall out or if you are listening to your music, and you want to just pause it immediately and listen to someone talk – then you can just pull it out of your hear, the music stops and you can hear what they are saying… And once you put them back in, the music automatically starts playing… it’s kind of impressive right?

What’s also quite cool is also, since there’s actually no in-line controls where you would normally find them on a wire, there are ‘play-pause’ controls on the side of the earbud itself. So there are ‘touch’  controls, a single tap on the side of the earbud will activate play-pause, and you can actually double tap to activate Siri from your iPhone or your Mac.

So that’s what you can do right out the box, with the AirPods. As far as audio quality goes, they’re pretty similar, if not a little bit better than the EarPods, but the exact same shape as the EarPods. The only downside to them, is the obvious lack the connection wire in between the earbuds, which is actually a convenience feature… Let’s say, if you were to drop them, they’d be easier to find that way but nonetheless… It is still an impressive gadget, so the choice is yours!


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