With a team of just 5 chiropractors with many years of experience combined between them, Holly Cottage Chiropractic Clinic in Sutton Coldfield has been working to provide each patient with the best individual treatment program and care for their complaint.

For those who don’t know, chiropractic is a primary health care profession that specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and overall management of condition that are due to problems with joints, ligaments, tendons and nerves especially related to the spine. You can see a chiropractor directly without a referral from a GP.

A consultant will perform a full examination, checking the movement and alignment of your spine to make sure nerves and muscles are working as they should, and if needed, they can take an X-Ray or request further imaging to reach a diagnosis.

The clinic also has an experienced massage therapists who work alongside the chiropractors, they’ve got on-site X-Ray suites and foot scanning equipment to help with the diagnosis. They also have the facilities to refer directly for an MRI scan if necessary. Holly Cottage Chiropractic Clinic also has its own rehabilitation gym, with two personal trainers who can prescribe individual treatment programs and teach classes in Pilates and cost ability to aid patients in their recovery.

The clinic offers a friendly and professional service for patients of all ages and needs, from children to adults, athletes to pensioners. So whether your problem is joint ligament muscle or nerve related, they’ll have a treatment method that is appropriate and useful!

…Did someone say back pain?


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