When it comes to styling, sense of colour and craftsmanship, Tod’s shoes offer an unmatchable quality unlike any other… Whether you are looking to buy shoes for work or simply looking for a pair that will enhance your overall look, you must first understand what makes a great Italian shoe: 

If it’s leather shoes you are after, making sure that the leather is of the finest quality and the shoemakers are known for applying the best finishes is essential! That is the criteria you should consider when making a decision, without forgetting that of all the leathers available worldwide, Italian leather is one of the very best.

With Tod’s, all shoes are made to suit the wearer’s perfectly – meaning the fit is neither too loose, nor too tight. They’re also specially great for all kind’s social events and occasions, bleeding well with various types of suits and casual clothing, while their sleek Italian finish, allows for men to greatly experiment with their looks, confidently. 

One of the many reasons why trendy individuals prefer Tod’s, it’s because they give the wearer a confident, modern edge, while also lasting way longer than others shoe types. They are also soft, easy to break in and quite comfortable on the feet… but with Tod’s shoe prices averaging at £300, don’t expect anything less than to pay top cash for a pair!

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