When you consider the knock-on effect that poor leadership has on team performance, it’s easy to see how promoting people without the right training can be extremely costly to a company. Your people are your biggest asset – so don’t leave them to fail as managers. Instead, give them the opportunity to train with 360 Degree Manager and watch their leadership potential flourish.

360 Degree Manager is a new programme by the Think Create and Inspire team but they have already had a fantastic feedback from its members, “So informative, fun and interesting”, “Genuinely found it helpful – I can really apply it to my role”, “very approachable team”, “I’m excited to see what the other modules will hold”.

They would love to hear your experiences of the Peter’s Principle.

 What’s included?

  • AI learning platform that acts as a personal 1:1 coach
  • 1 full-day workshop and 12 half-day workshops
  • 24 webinars to reinforce and build on workshop training
  • Book reviews, articles and 5-minute reads
  • Adapt communication tool
  • Virtual learning tracker to support progress
  • Membership of a like-minded learning community
  • Quarterly networking events
  • 360 Degree Manager programme planner

To find out more about 360 Degree Manager – and how it can stop the Peter Principle eating into your profits – call them on 0844 414 6056

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