If you happen to own a company or a small business which deals with clients on a face to face basis, then you’ll most likely understand the importance of subliminal marketing and the impact it has on your prospects or clients.

I say this because I do it all the time and if it’s done properly, you and your company will invariably see the benefits of using personalised corporate gifts.

The company I normally use for such things is called Adler Manufacturing – A long established American company which also has operations in Cardiff, Wales, where UK based clients can buy their products to improve their own company’s overall image, perception and customer service.

With a wealthy range of products to choose from, companies can buy personalised items such as luxury pens, novelty pens and  electronics such as lightbulb bluetooth speakers, portable LED flashlight phone chargers, headphones, tools, umbrellas and anything and everything under the sun!


The key thing here is leaving a lasting impression on your clients and customers. We have recently ordered 100 of the very stylish Celena Pens with Stylus in black ink for a reasonable cost of £199 and received them within 30 days.

The Celena Pen which features a sleek black matte/rubber finish, with a metal barrel and was simply branded with VIDA UNIQUE’s logo and website’s address for a minimalistic look and subliminal impact.

We use it whenever we meet a new client or potential prospect, as it leaves a lasting and positive first impression, and is also a great way of standing out. Prospects often comment on it, highlighting how great it looks.

We usually mail them a boxed pen after a meeting just to say thank you for their time and that normally wins them over. Whether its the specific act of personally mailing them a nice pen or the quality of our services that does it for them is irrelevant, as after all, it’s the thought that counts.

This also helps to drive more referrals as our details are branded in the pen, and new clients often say that they’ve been recommended by our existing clients – so we repeat the process again and send them a pen to say thank you for enquiring. It’s a rewarding method as we also like to show love to our client base and appreciate the personal touch that Adler Manufacturing is able to provide.

If you own a business, this personal gesture can go a long way in winning you clients, improving your customer service and shaping a positive perception regarding your business.

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