Who exactly is magazine mogul Albert Read? 

Behind those broad shoulders and soul piercing eyes is a highly-skilled and accomplished magazine veteran who has worked tirelessly and dexterously to gain a seat at the reputable table of the bosses of the media and publishing world.  

With an exceptional determination and focus, Albert Nathaniel Read has stamped his feet in the sands of times and there is no erasing it now.  The magazine veteran who also doubles as the Managing Director of the most-lauded publishing firm, Conde Nast Britain (which is behind household magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, Wired, Tatler, Glamour, etc.), started his heroic journey working with established publications such as The Spectator, Daily Mail, and The Daily Telegraph. 

A year after bagging his MBA at the notorious INSEAD (where he was awarded scholarship), Albert joined Conde Nast International – a firm he admired from childhood. A journey which shows that dreams do really come true. 

At Conde Nast, the trailblazer deployed his expert skills and vast knowledge base to propagate the century-old company further towards the mainstream, despite the fierce fight put up by the ‘new digital world.’ His extraordinary skills and dedication soon paid off and he was quickly promoted to General Manager of the UK-based publishing firm. In 2009, the magazine veteran added a new feather to his cap when he set up Wired magazine and assumed the position of Publishing Director. 

Adding to his list of enviable positions, Albert Read gained achieved new heights in the firm and the industry at large and became the Deputy Managing Director of Conde Nast Britain in 2012. Today, he holds the respectable position of the boss of the most-lauded publishing firm on the planet! 


Who said hard work doesn’t pay off?!? Within two decades at the firm, the astute Managing Director has held vital positions and contributed massively to the growth of the publishing industry. He was the Planning Manager and Business Director of Asia Pacific and also played a vital role in the launching of Conde Nast in India.  In 2015, he spearheaded the CNI Luxury Conference launched in Florence.  

From print to digital and custom publishing, Albert Read remains an indispensable player in the game. His exceptional skills and decision making abilities are too hard to miss. Speaking on his recent role as the Managing Director of the firm, Nicholas Coleridge, the former Managing Director stated without mincing words: 

“all those of us who have worked closely with Albert over the past ten years know him to be a first rate media executive, with skills and accomplishments not only on the management and commercial sides of the business, but with a sharp eye for editorial quality in both print and digital. The thing about Albert is that he is smart, hard-working, well-informed, has good judgement and is thoroughly professional in everything he does. He is also a very great pleasure to work with.” 

Even with digitisation taking over our world today, Albert Read maintains his unwavering stand that magazines are not in some consistent, unified, inexorable decline. He is determined and committed to making print magazines just as interesting and appealing as current social media platforms. His goal is to make magazines so interesting and captivating, that when people are faced with the option of picking up their phones or a magazine as they wait for an appointment, they will readily opt for the magazine. Touché.


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