Blockchain advocate and enthusiast Alex Fork is currently one the UK’s leading minds when it comes to the disruptive technology.

His vast and impressive record as seen him launch two brilliant companies – Future Fintech and Humaniq – the latter of which has been recognised and chosen by TechCrunch as a TOP Startup 2018 in Blockchain, specifically!

The entrepreneur was able to generate a whopping 4.3m in funding in its first round back in 2017; which means Humaniq has since then, established itself as one of the key and stand-out players in the Blockchain field, not least due to its charitable work.

Oh yes. Having announced a key partnership with The B-Gifted Foundation last year, a move which marked the start of the “Humaniq for Good” charity platform – the entrepreneur has also turned his focus on to more noble causes, assisting the amazing foundation with their fundraising efforts through its Blockchain platform and ambassador infrastructure.

As complicated as it all may sound, the company’s mission statement remains simple:  They are a “simple and secure financial services provider on a mission to help eradicate poverty using pre-eminent technologies including blockchain and biometrics.”

Reflecting his own ideals, Alex Fork points out:

“We – humans – open new markets, new technologies, new social institutions, new opportunities and definitely new challenges. I strongly believe there is a place for every human in the future and I see my personal role in making it happen.”

… And that is why Alex, you will continue to succeed and making great things happen. We believe in you and are 100% behind you!

If like many, you’ve heard the term “Blockchain” everywhere but haven’t yet quite grasped what it means – we suggest you read what Luke Fortney from Investopedia has to say about it here to get a bit more familiar with the concept.

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