Multiple author, international speaker, coach, mentor, consultant, therapist, accountant and qualified insolvency practitioner, Andrew spent 16 years in the Restructuring department of the global accountancy firm, KPMG in the UK and Australia.

Taking on leadership roles, highlighted to Andrew a passion and flair for working with individuals and the issues that affect them at a personal level.  Through working with company owners who were in the process of losing everything, he became acutely aware of the emotional connection that exists between a business and its owner – something that is not always recognised or appreciated!

Andrew Miller believes that ‘you’, ‘your environment’ and the interaction between the two should be looked at as a whole, rather than in isolation, and that enjoyment is the fundamental point of running your own business.

In essence, the talented business advisor believes that true enjoyment comes from finding meaning and purpose in the work that you do.

When you have everything in place, it lights up the three thinking centres of the body: the Brain (leading with the head), the Tummy (gut feel) and the Soul (follow your heart) – collectively known by their initials as your ‘Bits’ – Hence the strapline, “I want you to enjoy your business so much, it makes your bits tingle”.

His overall mission is to change the way society perceives success, highlighting the fact that the measure should be about much more than just sales and profits.

The experienced consultant’s work has not gone unnoticed either – having written six books (one of which is non-business) – has won him numerous speaking awards, as well as an invitation to be a policy advisor to the government around business failure!

Andrew also runs a number of discussion groups – kind of like the AA groups for directors, called Breathing Spaces, which is based around the 6 levels of the Business Enjoyment model.  He’s currently running six groups in the Yorkshire area where he’s based, but his plan is to roll the model out around the UK and the world.  For those not in the Yorkshire area – there is a free Online version which meets monthly.

If you are interested in coming to the Online Breathing Space to finding out more about it  – you can visit – Awaiting you is a community of people in business who want to help each other be successful and enjoy the journey at the same time.

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