In the hyper and super car market, the Aston Martin Valkyrie is without a doubt one of the hottest car ever released to this date. It’s easily changing the way in which we look at supercars, as it is pretty much a borderline track car which somehow has been made street legal.

Just unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2017, current plans for public release are set for 2019, for those who can afford it. The Valkyrie is the official product of Aston Martin’s collaboration with Red Bull, Michelin, Cosworth and Ricardo, who progressively combined to produce this exquisite masterpiece.

If you take into consideration its aerodynamic design, the Valkyrie will be capable of achieving the most incredible performance figures too. It’s going to feature a V12 engine, despite the fact that it’s small and compact, while topped with an ultra stylish design which is guaranteed to turn heads wherever it goes.

Posted by Rui Furtado

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