Athensys is a Welsh start-up, based in Penarth, with big ambitions.

They intend to grow a $20-$30 billion company by making Digital Transformation work for the world’s largest businesses and governments.

Digital Transformation – a Trillion Dollar Industry in Crisis

Digital Transformation is the process of using technology, and other resources, to improve the performance or services of an organisation.

Digital Transformation is starting to top the spending priority list of the biggest businesses, with 30% of the Forbes 2000 list of largest companies planning to spend over 10% of their revenue on it by 2022. Governments, including the UK and US, already spend similar proportions of tax revenue on Digital Transformation.

Government and big businesses expect to be spending over $2 trillion on Digital Transformation by 2022. Unfortunately, most of this money will be wasted.

According to studies by McKinsey & Company and Oxford University, the average big Digital Transformation project goes 45% over budget and delivers well under half of what is promised. This happens because large Digital Transformation projects are novel by nature, involve coordinating large teams from multiple organisations and are managed using out of date tools and techniques.

This is where Athensys is growing a Welsh unicorn, providing cutting edge tools and techniques to allow the world largest Digital Transformations to succeed and helping the worlds largest organisations get value for money from their bit of the $2 trillion of spend.

DeliveryBridge – AI to Enable Big Digital Transformation Success

DeliveryBridge is Athensys’ flagship product that is aimed squarely at tackling the largest and most likely to fail Digital Transformation projects. DeliveryBridge uses AI, heuristics and cloud technologies to empower the employees and suppliers of the worlds largest organisations to take control of Digital Transformation at any scale and make it succeed. With DeliveryBridge, success means cutting base costs by 30%, reduce over spend by 70% and getting 80% more returns; ultimately our customers get far better value for money from their Digital Transformation spending.

Athensys is scaling DeliveryBridge to address the global Digital Transformation market and adding complementary solutions that help our customers increase their value for money from their largest projects.

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