Imagine finding yourself in an exquisite villa. Each step you take through its walls is nothing but a reveal of architectural perfection. Led by a guide, you are brought into the beautiful garden out back that leaves you in awe of the carefully selected flowers, and the colors that lie ahead. But something else strikes you just as much, the stunning array of scents that fill the air. Welcome to the Palladian Villas of Veneto!

Designed in the 16th century by Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio, the Palladian villas are located in Veneto, Italy, the home place of Italy’s luxury perfume brand Bottega Veneta. 

Founded in 1966, fashion brand Bottega Veneta has continued among the pacesetters in the luxury perfume industry since their 2011 debut, thanks to their steep attention to detail, keen eye for excellence, and superior craftsmanship. And the Palladian villas have served to provide the inspiration for their latest perfume collection –

The first of the Parco Palladiano collection was released in 2016 to mark the brand’s 50 year anniversary. Perfumers Michel Almairac, Alexis Dadier, and Daniela Andrier collected special aromas of flowers, herbs, fruits, and wood growing in the Veneto region to create the fragrances that make up this collection.

Introducing the collection, the company announced:

Bottega Veneta introduces Parco Palladiano, a new collection of fragrances for women and men inspired by the Palladian gardens of the Veneto region of Italy, where Bottega Veneta was founded in 1966.”

Explaining the inspiration behind the collection, creative director Tomas Maier notes, “Palladio has always been my favorite architect. Palladio is a source of endless inspiration for me in many ways. My father was an architect who studied the work of Palladio, so his teachings have always been a part of my life. Palladio was an artisan as well as an architect who sought balance and harmony in everything. The Palladian gardens that inspire this Parco Palladiano collection represent a perfection on earth and an agricultural utopia.”

Introduced with six fragrances – numbered in Roman numerals I, II, III, IV, V and VI as a homage to their Roman heritage; the collection now boasts 15 quality fragrances in its ensemble. The idea is to tell a story of the origins of Bottega Veneta using these uniquely intoxicating fragrances. And who better to lead that push than Maier who has studied every specimen of trees, fruits, spices, and flowers that exist in the Veneto region.

Each fragrance represents an “olfactory trompe l’oeil”, a mixture of scents and spices that creates an intense, multi-layered contrast of scents and flavors. However, as always, you will find a note or two that rise above the others. 

The fragrances designed for men are typically overwhelmingly earthy, woody and smoky, with trees like chestnut, oak, olive and cypress among the many inspirations behind these fragrances. Women’s fragrances are typically more refined, with herbs and berries used to produce enchanting floral accords with spicy heart notes and slightly contrasting woody undertones giving the perfect balance of subtle yet strong.

With the simple yet elegant bottles and packaging these fragrances are afforded, they are certainly as good on your shelf as they are captivating on your dress or tuxedo. There is no doubt that this is one fragrance you’d want to try on as these fragrances are designed for those whose initials are enough.

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