Can you imagine having an app that gives you unlimited access to comedy short series, comedy sketches and stand-up comedy?

Nonstop entertainment, right?! Well, you can stop now because all these aren’t just in your imagination anymore. Two comedy fanatics who know how desperately we all need a little laughter in our lives took their time to curate a thoroughbred. Yes, the Twisted Mirror TV.

This easy-to-use app is an extension of a ‘Comedy Video on Demand’ platform dubbed Twisted Mirror TV – which many are calling the “Netflix of comedy” – Twisted Mirror TV is dedicated to short-form comedy content like short films, digital series, sketches and stand-up comedy, boasting a group of award-winning producers and directors.

The platform is an innovative idea to help you catch the thrills anytime and anywhere. Co-founded by Erol Mustafov and Mikael Thiery, Twisted Mirror TV has grown into a peerless hub of comedy, serving as entertainment to many comedy enthusiasts across the globe, as well as having successfully hosted a number of stand-up comedy nights in Greater London, with international comedians dishing hot thrills to the cosmopolitan London crowd.

Astonishing Features

 Among its cool perks is the fact that you can explore these categories of comedy both online and offline. Yes, you do not necessarily need a Wi-Fi connection! You can simply download videos directly onto your phone and watch the content offline. 

Available Operating Systems (OS)

Available on both Android as well as iOS – the Twisted Mirror TV Apps offer a  platform which is conveniently designed to serve as your handy and hilarious companion.

Is it Free?

It might as well be! Twisted Mirror TV offer a free trial period where new members get to enjoy this amazing platform for free, but for those like us, who would rather the non-stop laughter not to end – you can go ahead and subscribe to one of the two available packages – Standard Monthly and Standard Yearly, which you can subscribe, trial and also cancel at any given time.

 Both packages allow users to use the app on 2 devices at a time and they cost £1.99 and £19.99 respectively. Don’t forget, you’re also allowed to use more than one payment option for your convenience!

With ambitious plans for growth and expansion, Twisted Mirror TV are currently open to investment offers from keen Investors.

Do not turn the fun off, download the Twisted Mirror app today!

For investment, partnerships and marketing queries please contact Co-Founder Mikael Thiery directly on + (44) 74 90891516 or reach out to him via email.

Twisted Mirror Films LTD is a UK based production company run by Mikael Thiery (BA Arts, EICAR Paris) and Erol Mustafov (MSc Multimedia, DCU Ireland). They are both filmmakers and award nominated producers with a great creative expertise when it comes to digital series. They were the founders and directors of the International film festival, the Dublin Web Fest for three years. They have moved forward to establish the London Short Series Festival – an International event dedicated to online series. As edgy entrepreneurs and comedy lovers they embraced the new form of Entertainment by setting up Twisted Mirror TV – a comedy streaming platform.

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