Get the grey matter working with this one, as you and a team of other would-be escape artists tackle riddles, brain-teasers and puzzles in an attempt to escape the room you are locked in. It takes teamwork and a good dose of common sense – and you’ve only got an hour to work it all out.

ClueQuest has a few surprising moments that make an escape room fun and keep you talking about it afterwards. Objects in the room turn out to be more than meets the eye, and things that have been in plain sight all along become useful later in the game.

Rated as the UK’s favourite escape room by over 3,800 people on Tripadvisor, ClueQuest is also used by many companies for team building. Using the escape room as a basis for specifically designed assessment exercises provides a unique opportunity for candidates to be placed under intense pressure to perform. This type of assessment challenge is ideal for placing candidates in an unfamiliar and challenging environment, assessing key behaviours against a backdrop of workplace ambiguity, change and uncertainty.

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