The kitchen is, no doubt, the veins and vessels which supply ‘life’ to other parts of the home. It is no wonder efforts have been made through the years to transform modern kitchens into an invigorating space!

First, we saw the introduction of sit-in kitchens which allows you to host friends and actually live in your kitchen. Now, we are about to witness another mileage in the transformation of modern day kitchens:

The smart appliances guru, GE Appliances, revealed that plans are underway to launch a one-of-its-kind kitchen appliance dubbed the Kitchen Hub.

The 27-inch monster screen is designed to connect other parts of your home to the heart of the home – the kitchen.

During the 2019 CES, GE revealed that a ton of upgrades has  been modeled in the Kitchen Hub. The smart hub, which is proposed to lay beautifully above your stove (just at eye level), now does so much more than just entertain you while cooking.

The GE Kitchen Hub is designed to perform a number of smart tasks such as act as a vent, search the web for over 500 recipes, check the weather forecast, play music from Spotify, adjust lighting, instruct the coffee maker to brew coffee, and initiate activities in other smart appliances in the home.

With this groundbreaking appliance, you can manage all your smart appliances right from the kitchen. Say goodbye to unnecessary multitasking! The GE Kitchen Hub is equipped with Google Assistant which takes voice commands and enforce it accordingly. 

The Kitchen Hub also comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to allow you connect your smartphones without sweating it. You can also download apps and videos on the Kitchen Hub too. It just keeps getting better!

As if these amazing features are not enough, the Kitchen Hub also comes equipped with two cameras. One at the front to allow you facetime as you get working on the meal and another camera placed perfectly at the bottom to enable you take photos and make videos of the dish you are preparing. Absolutely incredible!

The Hub also bring the entertainment world to you – literally. There is the music button that plays your favorite songs and a movie button that allows you to keep up with your favorite series while you cook. Cooking just got better!

Did I mention that the Kitchen Hub also serves as a strong ventilation system? Yes, it does and the company swear by it to not only take out smoke but also protect the device from heat damage. So much happiness in one device. Does it get better than this?

Although the Kitchen Hub was initially slated to launch last year, the tech-savvy manufacturers took the time to make the prototype a more sleek and advanced hub. Therefore, we are expecting it to launch in a few weeks, which is the new launch date slated by the company.


Okay, here is a major difference between the prototype and the soon-to-be-launched Kitchen Hub. GE stated at the 2018 CES that the Kitchen Hub would sell at the price of £550. However, the price was doubled during the 2019 CES because of the upgrades made. So, we expect the device to sell at the rate of £1000 to £1200, depending on the finish you opt for.

I guess that is a fair price to pay for a single device which does so many wonders. Be prepared to enter the Hub!

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