David Lloyd, the place where Health & Fitness meet luxury and comfort.

I was recently given a 14 Day Family pass by one of  our clients who is a member at David Lloyd Leisure Cardiff, following months of him trying to convince me to join the club with my family. His main selling point was “David Lloyd is the best place in Cardiff for a family to spend quality time together on a regular basis…”

Of course, I too heard many things about the club before, including great and not-so-great publicity. “It’s too expensive” is probably the main obstacle standing in the way of potential new members, with some arguing that the price simply can’t be justified as there’s plenty of other good alternatives.

On the other hand – I’ve also heard countless friends saying that DL is the place to be and that the club is the best around bar none.

So after being given the 14 Day Family Pass, I rang the club on a weekend and asked how I could go about redeeming it…

I spoke to a girl called Nicola, who proceeded to invite me for a look around the club after a long chat on the phone. We booked the appointment and I turned up with my partner and daughter for a look around the club and upon arriving I was greeted by Rachel – a lovely receptionist who walked me to a nice seating area in the club and got us (complimentary) drinks while we waited for Nicola.

After 5 minutes of waiting with my family, Nicola, the person I had spoken on the phone to earlier, arrived and introduced herself. We had a good chat and she asked us questions such as what we normally do together as family and if we were exercising at the moment…

She then educated us on the benefits of spending quality family time together in a place such as David Lloyd and took us on a tour of the club – needless to say, our jaws completely dropped once we finally got to see around the club.

It was huge, clean and had everything we could dream of. It had an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool and both were heated; a fantastically spacious club lounge with a separate adult only business lounge, a magnificent restaurant that served the most delicious food, 14 Tennis courts, 4 Badminton and 4 squash courts, 3 high spec rooms for classes, a massive gym with all the latest equipment a spa, a children’s area with soft play and even a creche for the little ones.

The club also offered a variety of activities including classes, a free personalised exercise program and countless children activities – all inclusive with the membership!

What more can you ask for? If you haven’t been to one yet, give your local David Lloyd Leisure a call today and book your free 1-day trial to see what the fuss is all about. I guarantee you won’t regret it. You can also check their website and book online if it’s easier.

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