Google seems to be on a quest for world domination when it comes to commercial  technology. Whether it be the internet, self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, mobiles and etc… you name it –  they want a piece of it.

The Daydream VR Headset, is Google’s latest product which promises to be an instant hit for those who enjoy these types of gadgets, because it only costs an affordable £59. The Daydream is not the first of its kind by google but its by far their best upgrade. It’s made of soft, skin soothing fabric, and it’s surprisingly comfortable to wear.

It comes with  a controller about the size of a Nintendo Wii controller, and much like the same, it has montion sensors which track movement, navigate menus and etc.

The headset is compatible with a number of google apps and it also boasts features such as 360 degree youtube videos, a few games and even museum walk-throughs. Pretty much anything that you can do with all of google apps, but VR enhanced.

Even though it can only be used with Google’s Pixel phone, the Daydream VR Headset has some potential. It’s only a matter of time until it becomes compatible with other phones, which will make it a practical and cheaper alternative to other VR headsets.

by Rui Furtado


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