The benefits derived from practicing mental exercise cannot be oversized and it’s the more reason why we should be appreciative of Jesse Pickard who founded and created Elevate.

What is the Elevate app?

The recognition of Elevate by Apple as App of the year back in 2014 confirmed exactly how incredible this application was and still is to many switched on people all around the world. For those who have never come across the app before, elevate is an app by Jesse Pickard which helps to build the confidence of an individual by means of productivity and staying mentally sharp. The App comprises of well-researched games that have been proven to vastly improve the mental capability of those who regularly use it.


Available to both Android and iOS users on the Google Play and App stores respectively – the award winning app helps create a training sequence to help develop a specific set of skills you may wish to target and develop. Areas of development include mental focus, maths, precision thinking, thought processing, memory, and comprehension with games added for each category for assessment. 

Elevate is free to try for 14 days although after this period you will be asked to subscribe. You can still stick to the free version, however, it has limited functionality.

Who is Jesse Pickard?

It wouldn’t be right to write about the elevate the App and not write about the creator of this incredible app.

Jesse Pickard obtained his bachelor’s degree in design and visual communication from the prestigious Syracuse University in the year 2006. Before founding Elevate Labs, Jesse worked at Razorfish for 3 years and later co-founded and acted as the CEO of MindSnacks where he was in charge for over 4 years.

The entrepreneur now occupies the position of CEO of Elevate labs, which he also co-founded. Having consistently achieved recognition amongst other  movers and shakers, even Forbes couldn’t miss him when they featured him in Forbes 30 under 30 in 2012.

Bottom line

In essence, you will have plenty of sophisticated fun while also greatly improving your brain and mental health. Effectively killing two birds with one stone. If you have been looking for a way to build your cognitive strength – is there a better way to do it?

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