Despite calls for his resignation, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg continues to hold on to his power by refusing to step down.

In an interview with CNN Business that aired on Tuesday evening, Zuckerberg pushed back against the criticism his social media platform received in recent years, and said he believes Facebook could be a force for the greater good.

When CNN asked if he was finally stepping down, Zuckerberg paused and replied:

“That’s not the plan,” he responded testily. “I’m not going to be doing this forever, but currently I’m not thinking that makes sense.”

… Facebook’s woes began with the revelation that Russian agents used the platform to interfere with the 2016 presidential election, by spreading misinformation and propaganda. Since then, the company has had to deal with one scandal after another, including a massive user data and privacy breach which impacted tens of millions of users.

As the scandals have mounted, so have calls for Zuckerberg to step down. “He’s shown that he’s incapable of leading the broken behemoth that is Facebook,” declared the Washington Post. There has also been bubbling unrest among investors, some of whom recently proposed Zuckerberg give up his dual role as chairman and CEO. The company, they say, needs independent oversight.

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