Established over 20 years ago, The Fat Duck restaurant has quickly garnered the love and admiration of many in the United Kingdom and the world at large. The restaurant, which has maintained its position as the best in the UK, boasts five AA Rosettes stars and three Michelin stars! Incredible, right? I know! However, a visit to this foodie Disneyland will affirm that it deserves even more.

Seated unimpeachable among the best restaurants in the UK, The Fat Duck is, unarguably, in every foodie’s must-visit restaurant. The magical pub which takes its visitors through an exhilarating morning-to-night journey is owned and run by Heston Blumenthal – a celebrity chef known for his magical prowess in the kitchen.

Blumenthal and his team employ an excellent blend of science and culinary skills to create irresistible mouthwatering British/French cuisines. As if the magic show with the food is not enough, they complement the meal with some childhood surprises customized to the unique experience of each visitor. It is beyond magical. A day at The Fat Buck is a sensational 4-hour journey that will live in your memory for the rest of your life.

The goal is to make just about any visitor, irrespective of the age, to feel like a kid in a sweet shop – and that is exactly what it feels like at The Fat Duck!

Located right in the heart of Bray at Berkshire, The Fat Duck house 42 sitting tables, all designed as a stage for a magical show. Each table is complemented with some sleek tanned hand-stitched leather bucket chairs and a spotlight customized to the show on display.

The adventure also comes with a topping of some themed music, depending on the show (the meal) on the stage. The mock turtle soup, for example, has an Alice in the Wonderland theme. While ‘The Sound of the Sea’ is accompanied with a sea-themed music playing from iPods, safely hidden inside a conch shell.

Yes, it is a breathtaking magical show that takes you through an exhilarating ride in the chef’s mind. Which earned the staffs the name – storytellers. 

Once seated on the stage (your table), you are given a map with a magnifying glass, instead of a menu. The map reveals a ride through a lush path that covers the story of a day at the beach. So, while you are seated in those comfy chairs, you are, in fact, transported to a morning-to-night visit at a frisky beach.

And the journey begins…

The trip, as I mentioned before, is centered around an exhilarating trip marked with curiosity, adventure, and discovery just like any playful memory you have ever had.

The trip includes a 16-course meal stretched across 8 stages – 

  • The Day Before We Go: Are we nearly there yet?
  • Morning: Rise and shine, it’s breakfast time
  • Mid-Morning: First one to see the sea
  • Afternoon: If you go down to the woods today
  • Evening: Are you ready for dinner?
  • Bedtime: Off to the land of Nod
  • And then to dream

At each of the stages of the ride, you are treated to a variety of mouthwatering dishes coupled with personalised surprises that bring back a flood of memory.


I’m positive you are jumping at this stage, looking forward to experiencing this magical show. Well, you should. A day at The Fat Duck is an experience words cannot fully do justice to. From the personalised surprises to the adventurous courses and everything in between, it is definitely a story best heard from the storytellers. Make a reservation now!

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