An estimated 60% of newly promoted managers fail within their first two years in the role.

It’s evidence of the Peter Principle in action – the idea that if someone is good at their job they will be promoted into a job that demands different skills to the point where they are no longer achieving, at which point they will stagnate. Sound familiar?

Sales is a commonly used example, research into promotions at more than 200 companies has found that not only were the best salespeople more likely to be promoted, they were also more likely to perform poorly as managers. This is not a problem unique to sales, nearly 90% of companies say finding and developing strong leaders is an urgent challenge, with more than a quarter confessing to weak leadership pipelines. So what is the solution? Promoting successful employees is vital for team morale and reducing attrition, providing support to the successful candidate is and often overlooked element of transition for new managers.

This is where the forward thinking programme 360 Degree Manager comes in – Put together by the Think, Inspire and Create team – they are solving that problem with a training programme that looks at management from every angle, providing a strong foundation in the fundamental theories of leadership with in-depth course content about everything from communication and managing conflict to coaching and leading through change.

The 360 Degree Manager team have over 100 years of management experience, from challenger brands to FTSE 100 companies. Their “flexible and engaging” style encourages members of the programme to discuss how they can apply the latest theories to their own unique situation -supported by a team of experienced facilitators and technology professionals. There are no quick fixes when it comes to management training, spread out over 13 months, 360 Degree Manager combines a series of workshops and networking events with webinars and online resources – all designed to give members the skills and experience they need to be great leaders.

The AI tool is an essential element which provides each member with personally tailored regular questions to combat the forgetting curve and embed their learning. The online content provides long term access to all the materials anywhere, allowing members to fit learning around increasingly busy lives and minimising the impact on the working day. Each month a different theme is covered, breaking down the full 360-degree experience of being a manager into focused training segments, delivered in a flexible way that works for everyone, whatever their learning style!

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