Meet Gabriela Hersham – the disruptive female entrepreneur behind the innovative co-working space Huckletree:

Determined, quirky and passionate enough to achieve the impossible in such a saturated market – Gabriela did her Bachelor’s in Arts at Reagent’s University, London and furthered her studies at University College London where she studied French and Arabic.

The go-getter has also briefly pursued other passions, with roles in the cult movies “The Burningmoore Incident” and also “Crying Wolf 3D”. However, she did not go too far in her acting career and soon switched to entrepreneurship, where she would finally begin to fulfil her purpose:

Influenced by her working-class parents and Sahar Hashemi, the founder of Coffee Republic – Gabriela, the co-founder of Huckletree, came up with the vision of a space where individuals would be able to focus on their projects, while brainstorming and collaborating with other creatives. For Gabriela, there is strength in collaboration and a sense of purpose in building a business around the working community. She believes in practical implementation and works to surround herself with high achievers from various sectors and industries.

Huckeltree stands out not only because it is a beautiful and productive workspace, but also because it consistently induces the creative spark and energy, which allows its users to come up with new and brilliant ideas!

Currently with three workspaces in London – Clerkenwell, Shoreditch and White City, and a fourth in Dublin – Gabriela is quick to attribute all this success to a hardworking team with a strong commitment to the brand’s vision. 

As stated by Gabriela Hersham – everyone should be provided with the ideal workspace to honour their ideas and creativity – a space which increases the chances of individual and collective development, by allowing interaction with third parties… She wants creative brains to create interesting things, without having any fears of failure! 

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