Often referred to as market leaders, Gibson Shipbrokers continue to excel in a highly competitive worldwide business.

With well over a century of uninstructed service under their belt – they offer a highly professional platform of global shipping solutions while remaining committed to providing a complete range of shipping services, both on a short or a longer term period – boasting one of the world’s largest tanker broking teams working across the crude oil, fuel and clean products market.

The group’s specialised tanker section is also a market leader in the topical biofuels market, as well as the veggies, lubes, chemicals, clean and dirty products – while dry cargo teams tend to focus on Iron Ore, Coal, Grain and other major bulk commodities.

Their vast portfolio is what makes them a major force in the LPG; Petrochemical and LNG Shipping, with a wealth of experience in the product broking side of the gas business too.

Its off-shore section handles the chartering; sale and purchasing of specialist support vessels for oil and gas exploration, telecommunications and specialist niche markets such as marine diamond mining – while an enviable in-house support team support clients with information and market analysis, as well as a world class consulting service.


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