Gieves and Hawkes

London is famed as the men’s wear capital of the world – and for good reasons too. True, Paris can take glory for women’s wear, however, no one or place can separate Savile Row from high quality men’s wear. In fact, the Japanese word for suit is seburo, which is derived from Savile Row.

Savile Row in London is widely known as the one-stop shop for elegant men’s wear. While the street is littered with a plethora of tailors and stores catering exclusively to the men folks, it is no wonder that Gieves and Hawkes is seated gracefully at the number one spot – literally and figuratively.

The jaw-dropping store we all know as Gieves and Hawkes today has been providing excellent services to greater Britain since the early 70s. The store came into existence in 1974 after the amalgamation of two separate classy fashion stores – Gieves Ltd and Hawkes & Co.

Since the days of King George III, the sophisticated men’s tailor – Gieves and Hawkes – has distinguished itself in the fashion world, which earned it several Royal Warrants until this day. 

Due to its widespread fame and unparalleled fashion skills, the store which got its first Royal Warrant as early as 1809, now boasts three prestigious Royal Warrants in Great Britain. With the warrants, Gieves and Hawkes is responsible for catering to the fashion needs of HM The Queen, HRH The Prince of Wales, and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

Initially focused on catering to the needs of the Royal Navy, British Royal family, and the British Army, the highly esteemed clothing store now caters to the needs of virtually any man who has a unique fashion taste. The store which was recently acquired by Hong Kong fashion group, Trinity, boasts over a hundred stores across the globe, especially in the UK and China.

From made-to-measure to bespoken and ready-to-wear garments, the white building measuring about 6,500 square-foot, house a slew of men’s wears including casual and formal wears,  shirts, ties, and clothing accessories. The store is also stacked full with suits and separates, blazers, coats, trousers, and shirts, sweaters, hats, and shoes.

In addition to royal grade clothing, you can get quality accessories like belts, socks, leather goods, cufflinks, and pocket squares in Gieves and Hawkes. Whatever your fashion need is, Gieves and Hawkes got you covered.

Till date, Gieves and Hawkes still caters to the British military, the British Royal Family, and a number of celebrities. Amongst the celebrities who have had a taste of the princely cuts by Gieves and Hawkes include the late world famous Micheal Jackson (whose uniform still lives at the basement of the gigantic white building), Bill Clinton, and football star David Beckham.

If you are yet to taste the kingly services at Gieves and Hawkes, you have been missing out on a great deal. Go for quality, go for Gieves and Hawkes!

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