recently checked out the HTC U11  in-store and the first thing that jumped to mind while holding it and seeing it live for the first time, was the obvious fact that it was an exquisite device. It comes in five different colours, although they vary in different markets – but the first thing you’ll probably notice, is how shiny it is and how much the colours really pop-out!

So let’s go over the specs. Powered by the Snapdragon 835 processor, it comes with 4gb of ram and 64gb of storage and a 5.5” qHD display. There’s also a standard 12 megapixel, ultra pixel rear camera with 1.7 aperture, and the front facing camera which is 16mp with a f-22 aperture, which should give you better selfies than most phones. It also has IP-67 range so it’s water-resistant, but the phone’s best part, is a feature called Edge Sense.

With Edge Sense you can squeeze the phone for direct access to some of its key features. For example, by applying a long squeeze on the side of the phone, it opens up Google Assistant, while applying a short squeeze will power up the camera and take photos by squeezing it again.

This Edge Sense functionality can also be used on the keyboard – a short squeeze while using the keyboard will switch it into microphone mode, so you can dictate and put down notes as well. You can customise the Edge Sense on the HTC U11 whichever way you want, giving you more ability to set short or long presses for applications down the line.

A couple of other interesting features include the the BoomSound stereo speakers built-in, and the new ultrasonic active noise cancelation which tunes the headphones for you, but also provides active noise cancellation, which ever phones you plug in through the USB type-c port.

The HTC U11 also has Alexa Integration, allowing you to activate Alexa via voice or by squeezing the side of the handset. Overall, it looks like a very interesting device with the new Edge Sense functionality but only time will tell if consumers will actually pick up on it or not. Click below and see if you’re tempted!


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