Icaros is a combined exercise machine and virtual reality simulator which looks like the next big thing for any fitness enthusiast who likes to incorporate fitness with technology. The Icaros supports a superman-like  , allowing you to have a good core workout whilst gaming.

Its sophisticated tech lets you enjoy 3D games and other mind-blowing features in an unbelievable VR platform. This includes a realistic full flight simulation in ‘superman’ pose; diving and action sports games such as motorcycling, parachuting and pretty much everything that you can do in a three dimensional space!


The machine normally ships with a Samsung headset but it is also compatible to other VR brands such as HTC VIVE or Oculus Rift for example. In terms of its health benefits and fitness potential – the Icaros is designed specifically to work on the user’s core strenght, important muscles and body areas such as the chest; shoulders, abs, neck, triceps, lateral abdominal muscles, quads and calves – while forcing the user to engage in holistic exercises like balance, coordination, reflexes at the same time.

It really looks like a well thought-out device, and truly the best of its kind – I want one.

by Rui Furtado


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