Growing a business in the United Kingdom or any other place in the world today requires the use of equipment.

Whether it is a school, a farm, or a firm, you will definitely need to upscale customer experience and do a lot more. This has been a stupendous hurdle for many businesses – large, small, or medium. Therefore, stunting the growth of the business.

This is why professional Asset Finance companies like Maxxia exist to help you reach your full potential without breaking the bank or tying your capital!

Maxxia is an asset finance provider focused on providing enterprise-wide assets finance solutions to both private and public businesses. Founded in 2011, the award-winning company has grown into one of the best asset finance companies in the UK and the world at large.

Whatever be the need of your business, whether high value machinery or expert business finance advise, Maxxia Limited is there to help you overcome the hurdles and push your business to the top.

Based in London, Maxxia is widely known for its transparent, sustainable, and professional services. The firm is committed to bridging the gap between the current level of your business and the top of the food chain by creating a surefire rail that leads you safely and comfortably to the top without breaking a sweat. Okay, here is what I mean.

Maxxia Limited is home to a team of experts who possess matchless experience and expertise in the asset finance industry. These experts provide everything from financial advice to all form of asset funding, including IT asset leasing & lifecycle management, business equipment & machinery, and vehicle leasing & fleet management. They provide all you’ll need to take your business to the highest level and allow you to maintain a healthy positive cash flow too!

Some of the equipment you get at Maxxia include:

  • Cranes, excavators, mining, and moving machinery
  • ICT equipment for schools
  • Vehicles, including cars and vans
  • Medical equipment
  • Minibusses for schools
  • Printing machinery
  • Industrial plant and machinery
  • Catering equipment
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Agricultural machinery and equipment
  • Temporary classrooms for schools
  • Marine and aviation machinery
  • Renewable energy projects

What’s more?

You do not only enjoy access to these essential equipment and machinery without tying up your capital, but you also enjoy no cost of maintenance on the equipment and machinery. Let’s face it, the cost of maintaining these high-value machinery and equipment can be really frustrating. Now, you get to avoid those expenses and frustration altogether. Does it get better than this?!?

Even better, the asset finance agreements at Maxxia are structured to suit every type of business. Whether you are looking for operating lease, contract hire, finance lease, hire purchase, asset refinance, or contract purchase, Maxxia is sure to serve you the best possible deal in the industry.

Why tie down your capital, when you can maintain healthy cash flow and utilize the necessary machinery at the same time? Let a pro with a difference guide you through the rail of success. Let Maxxia take your business to the top with a shot!

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