Ouch that hurt! I constantly get invited to all sorts of kids parties and activities… This time around I was actually invited for something I could also enjoy with my family – The Infinity Trampoline Park in Cardiff.

We got there and the party was already underway so it probably wasn’t the smooth entrance I had expected but it would have to do. I had visions of us flying up and the down the trampolines, doing backflips and all sorts of madness – needless to say my daughter was super excited and so was I!

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. After stepping on the trampoline for the first time though, I quickly realised that it probably requires some level of expertise to do all the things which in my naive my mind had envisioned.

So I carefully tried some trampolins out and all was going great until the moment the inner kid in me decided to do more than it could… To the bemusement of my family I went on a trampoline wich had a basketball hoop and jumped on it as hard as I could, trying to slam-dunk a ball into the hoop but instead ended up flying against the wall, foot first! Twisting my ankle in the process.

While my family found it incredibly funny – I knew there and then that was it for me. I was done. Finito. But all antics aside – it was a really good day for us all which provided an incredibly fun experience to say the least and we have returned a few times since. Definitely a place we recommend if you’re looking for uncompromising fun with your family or friends.

It has something for everyone and it will roll back the years if let go of all your inhibitions and just go for it!

by Rui Furtado

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