Google has recently announced the incoming launch of its Jamboard – a new cloud connected digital whiteboard that hooks into its “G Suite” apps for corporate customers.

It is essentially a collaborative digital whiteboard platform, whichmakes it easy for a creative or corporate team to share ideas in real-time and create without boundaries.

The Jamboard also makes it easy to enrich your brainstorming with the power of Google Search and your team’s work in G Suite. You can grab images and content from the web and bring them straight into your “jam.” Pull in work from Docs, Sheets and Slides or add photos stored in Drive.

To capture your ideas clearly, the Jamboard is packed with tools like sticky notes and stencils, as well as intelligent features like handwriting and shape recognition, as it merges worlds of physical and digital creativity… It is intelligently designed to speed up collaboration among your teams with a 55” that features a best-in-class touch response time.

Combine this with a built-in HD camera, speakers and Wi-Fi, and you’re set up to collaborate and broadcast your work globally with Google Hangouts. Its touchscreen was also built for precision drawing – it automatically recognises the difference between using the stylus to sketch or the eraser to start over, and neither requires batteries or device pairing.

You can mount the Google Jamboard to a wall or wheel it around on a custom stand and if you or your company is interested in one – you can expect it to retail for around £4000 with a yearly maintenance support fee of around £400… but is it worth it?

Only time will tell.

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