Jamie is the CEO & Founder of Monumental Marketing, a rapidly growing marketing agency in London.

He started appearing in the public eye through a modelling career in the Middle East – a career which introduced him to marketing. Soon the ‘whys’around the work he was doing had him more intrigued. Why him? Why this background? Why this shot? …This led him to think more about marketing and PR before setting up his first business in Edinburgh, JLUK.

JLUK was focused on helping young creatives develop their commercial skills to use their creativity in marketing and design departments for big brands as well as executing campaigns ourselves.

From JLUK,  he was headhunted to start his first full-time digital marketing role. He then worked client-side for a number of years, which according to Jamie, “It’s when the cracks in the industry began to show.” This realisation is what soon prompted him to recognise the need for a growth marketing agency focused on bottom-line results.

That’s when Monumental Marketing was born. Monumental is based on a multi-channel ecosystem that encompasses all aspects of marketing and PR – from digital, creative, PR and social media. With that said,  Jamie was keen to share his advice on two key questions we’ve asked him, with regards to brand marketing:

In your experience, what are the most common challenges brands face with marketing?

The biggest challenges I have come across in conversations with prospect clients from all industries is the lack of coherence between their marketing and business goals.

I’ve had conversations where the business may have really ambitious growth goals but yet their marketing seemed to be focus on brand awareness. In some other instances the client is endorsing channels that are familiar to them, but will not actually aid their overall acquisition targets.

This leads me onto my next point around building people’s understanding around the use of different digital channels and users’ behaviour on them. It’s really easy in the digital marketing world to get lost in the channel and forgetting the users. I’ve spoken to people frustrated that through their Facebook campaign they didn’t sell legal services, in these cases I try to humanise the situation as much as possible by asking “well, how often do YOU shop on Facebook for professional services?” Always keep goals, intent and behaviour as the leading factors when designing any sort of marketing campaign.

What is your advice to brands that may be feeling a little stuck with their marketing?

Test, test, test – never stop trying new things. The business landscape is changing so much that you cannot afford to be complacent. There are new startups that open up every day, who may do what you do… but faster, more digital-savvy and with less overhead. What will you do? You must never, ever stop innovating.

If you wish to find out more about Jamie and Monumental Marketing, then make sure you visit their website to see how they can help your company!

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