A journey lined with a fine mix of ups and downs is just one of the many definitions that explicitly portray life as we know it.

While it may seem like some persons have it all together, the reality is that we are all struggling through this heroic journey called “life”. That said, it is critical to know that, although we all are struggling with one life battle or the other, there are some of us who are professionals at balancing the good and the bad that life throws at them.

From your social life to school, job hunt, business struggle, marriage, parenting, and many others, keeping up with ‘life’ can get incredibly overwhelming. What do you do when life has its stings pierced deeply into your skin? To whom do you turn to when it feels IMPOSSIBLE? How do you tip the scale to your favor? Fortunately, the answer is not far-fetched – a life coach!

With over 25 years of experience as a holistic mentor and a professional motivational and inspirational speaker in public, private, and voluntary sectors, Juliyah Brown (BA Hons, PgDip, PGCE, MOE, EST, ILM, MSc Dist) – boasts all the requisite experience and expertise necessary to help you get through whatever life challenges you are stuck in. 

The professional life coach, who also doubles as the CEO of Gold Mine Mind Training Services Limited, is dedicated to providing Fast Track sheets on all ramifications of life. From business to marital and school struggles, Juliyah is your best ally at sailing through the bitter waters of life unscathed.

Using her unique coaching skills and mastery in public speaking, the dedicated life mentor is ready to broaden her horizon through her phenomenal debut book, “CRUSHED TO SPARKLE” (which you can pre-order right now for £10 by getting in touch with Juliyah or buy it from Amazon as soon as it’s released), and a soon-to-come website centered on lifestyle management and self-improvement. Additionally, plans are underway to integrate several life-enriching workshops with the all-inclusive life survival guide

Welcome to Gold Mine Mind (GMM)

As Juliyah rightly puts it, GMM is a place where your mind is mined for the gold within – and that is certainly what is in store for you there. She uses her expertise and highly efficient techniques in helping just about anyone out there struggling with any of life’s troubles but one of her main strengths is also in helping other businesses and organisations – from stressed CEO’s to hopeless employees, she will have your whole team bursting with self-confidence and self-harmony in no time!

A Sneak Peek into the Book

Titled “Crushed to Sparkle”, this is Juliyah Brown’s effort to communicate in her expertly manner to people out there struggling with self-discovery. The extremely educative yet engaging book is structured to equip readers with some foolproof tips to guide them safely to self-discovery.

This “Journey Journal” is partitioned into five sections, with each section representing a different stage of the self-discovery journey and packed with expert tips.

In addition to her highly anticipated debut book, she also lent her expert contributions – being a co-founder of Naked Truth Diamonds and Founder of Queen Angel Creations. 

Start Living Again with these Workshops

As a professional life coach and mentor, Juliyah Brown understands perfectly that we all need a “helping hand” when we hit the rocks of life. This is why she took the time to structure some reinvigorating workshops to strengthen those in need further down the road. These workshops are carefully structured for: 

  • Anyone who has a demanding role(s) and is suffering from the negative impacts of the role(s).
  • Anyone suffering from insomnia, lack of concentration, stress, anxiety, depression, and mental health challenges.
  • Anyone struggling with self-improvement, goal setting,  limiting beliefs and procrastination.
  • Anyone starting and or growing a business and seeking tips to increase his or her productivity, performance, and profit.
  • Anyone struggling to return to work after childbirth, illness, or a break.
  • Anyone looking to improve his or her professional,  personal or  business. Peak performance development
  • Anyone seeking a job,  or looking to progress within a job.
  • Anyone struggling with work-life balance.
  • Anyone looking to transition out of a job e.g. due to redundancy, retirement or entrepreneurial spirit
  • Anyone looking to build a new stream of income.
  • Anyone unemployed, student,  apprentice, graduate or post graduate needing that “something” to move them forward in their life 

Do not allow life troubles push you over the edge. Let a pro give you the perfect solution. Place a call through today to 07701 080045/0203 893 8106 Or forward your message to goldminemind1@gmail.com

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