Entrepreneurship is now the order of the day as most people want to be their own boss. Even though many people have gone down that road, only a handful has remained consistent enough to come out the other side with a grounded sense of growth and success. One of such few people who has succeeded in becoming a boss and an employee of labor is Karen Holden. Her story is a very inspiring one for the younger generation as they can draw a lot of lessons from this hardworking and resourceful entrepreneur.

With a little research, I came up with a thesis that when the youth hear the word ‘entrepreneurship’ their minds wander to the fashion world or something close to that. This is a misconception and the story of Karen Holden helps back up my claim.

Who is Karen Holden and what is A City Law Firm all about?

Growing up with her mum who was a single mother and had to work three jobs to provide for her child probably inspired Karen to do more and be more. Karen obtained her degree in criminology from the University of Cambridge in 1998. With her main aim of being a legal practitioner, she applied and got admitted to the College of Law where she studied to gain her LPC, Law on a part-time basis. While studying on a part-time basis, she worked in the public sector where she eventually rose to a management position. She also worked as a criminologist where she profiled and worked on different cases including rape and murder cases.

When she graduated from ULaw, she resigned from the public sector and took up a job at an international London based law firm. There she was able to gain key and important experience in different areas of law and was able to build an amazing client base.

In 2009, she established the A city Law Firm with the main aim of setting a firm that goes beyond the ordinary law firm. She wanted to create an avenue for the commercially aware entrepreneur lawyers who cared about their clients and are committed to giving sound legal advice to them. She was able to establish a firm that gave dynamic and experienced solicitors the opportunity of thinking out of the box, while providing quality services to their client base at competitive rates.

With an impressive record of accomplishments, A City Law Firm has racked up a lot of success in and out of the courtroom. Karen and her fellow solicitors have a number of high-net-worth clients on their books and have represented key figures.

In the 10 years of being in existence, the firm’s list of achievements includes;

  • An award for the most innovative law firm in London.
  • Being listed in the top 100 businesses in the United Kingdom.
  • Awarded the ‘Most outstanding solicitors’ and ‘Best employment team’ by the worldwide business team and the Solicitors Journal respectively.

Karen herself has been awarded the ‘Freedom of the City of London’ award and has made a lot of speech at different occasions and ceremony. Karen’s story is an inspirational story that not only the women but also the entire youth should tap from.

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