The return of the Kawasaki SX-R stand-up jet ski was easily one of the most anticipated watercraft from last year – this year it promises way more power and an even better engine!

It was 1973 when Kawasaki introduced the jets, 44 years later they’ve introduced the first four-stroke 1.5 litre jet ski – the SX-R. The motor itself comes directly out of the 15-F, while the intake manifold is off of the 310 and X and R models, made out of the composite plastic material that helps keep it cool with the long runners for better acceleration

The jet ski is amazingly responsive – the auto-response effect is immediate but more importantly, the hull is now also responsive to rider input. There’s nothing about the new SX-R  that makes us question its ability to go around buoys, cut a hard turn and navigate through offshore chop or rough water conditions in a closed course…

According to Kawasaki the throttle response is immediate, as well as the steering implements. The ski size and its 551lbs weight actually make it considerably larger than any other previous stand-up – allowing the SX-R to cut through chop very well.

Whether an amateur or novice rider, this ski allows anyone to feel far more confident than any other stand up tested before. It has everything necessary to rekindle the sport of stand-up riding, and it doesn’t whether you’re a racer, a recreational rider or just an enthusiast who wants to get back in the water!

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