For most of the UK, the average salary currently stands at around £27k per year, however, there are a few trailblazing companies where the average employee earns between 70k-100k per year. Can you guess which ones?

Perhaps, as expected, finance companies such as Deutsche Bank who pay out an average of £90k for their top staff, are always going to be amongst the highest paying companies. In fact, the globally renowned finance giant currently ranks at fourth place in the top 10 paying firms in the UK.

Other companies on the list include Credit Suisse, Nomura International and Microsoft, paying out an average £80k and currently sitting on the tenth, ninth and eighth spot respectively. Then there’s the Macquarie Group paying out an average of £83k in seventh place, the Royal Bank of Canada paying its staff an average of £85k per year in sixth, german based software innovators SAP in fifth place with employees earning around £90k, while McKinsey & Company in third pay out an average of £93k – so who are the top 2 highest paying companies in the UK?

At number two, are the social media pioneers Facebook, paying out an average of £96k, and the number one spot goes to cloud computing masters Salesforce who pay out an eye watering average of £110k per year!

As explained by Andre Chamberlain, the chief economist in Glassdoor, ‘Companies like Salesforce, Facebook and SAP are all fighting for the best talent and they are prepared to pay top dollar to get it.’

With so much to gain, young people should definitely consider studying or pursuing the academic degrees which are relevant to these sectors, if they are ever going to reach such salaries in adulthood.

We’re not saying that is the only option, but it is a smart one. 

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