Convenience, luxury and relaxation right at the heart of Cardiff’s city centre!

I was offered a free day at Cardiff’s Laguna Health & Spa, which is also a part of the Park Plaza Hotel on Dumfries Road just opposite of Tiger Tiger’s in Cardiff.

Even though we were already members of a different club me and my partner decided to still give it a go, as we’d never been before. We arrived at 11am and the first thing we both did was to try out the gym for a cardio and short weight-lifting session… Our first impressions were that it was indeed a cosy and sophisticated place, with friendly people and the best of it all – it wasn’t too busy.


We weren’t shown around the club as the staff simply pointed where everything was, so we had to find our own way around the place but that wasn’t so bad. And even though the equipment was top notch and the space was good, I must say we’ve been to bigger gyms, however, following the quick workout we made our way down to the spa area where we had an enjoyable swim together in the sophisticated pool which wasn’t busy either.

We then we tried the jacuzzi and sauna and around 1pm we made our way to the restaurant in Park Plaza where we had a drinks and lunch. We only left around 3pm as what was supposed to be a quick look in, turned into a super relaxing and infusing experience. You should try it.

If we weren’t already members of a different club we’d most likely join the Laguna Health & Spa for its convenience and standards alone! Definitely a 4* star experience plus the membership options weren’t too bad either.

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