Lapland’s palatial IceHotel is the once in a lifetime experience you won’t want to forget! A sculputural masterpiece overlooking the river Torne – the Icehotel is the world’s first and largest hotel made entirely of ice and snow. Every winter, this evanescent hotel is intricately crafted out of ice to reflect the multi-faceted seasons in the Swedish Lapland.

Embrace the cold artic climate, explore the high mountains, and marvel at The Northern Lights in this magnificent ice accommodation.  It is built anew every year and has unique interior. The Swedes invite a group of designers who develop the architectural ensemble of the hotel each time.

A TripAdvisor traveller described of the experience at Icehotel, “Thrill and excitement… ice sculptures overlooking the amazing Northern Lights or getting involved with husky sledding or the other activities that are on offer..


However, it is expensive to spend the night in this place. Suite in the Ice Hotel costs 600 EUR per night, and the standard room – 280 EUR. All the furniture in the hotel including beds, of course, is made of ice. Despite the price, and the temperature 5 degrees below zero The Hotel attracts tourists every year.


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