Logan Romero Plant – British entrepreneur, founder and chief executive of Beavertown Brewery, and former lead vocalist for Black County Bandits and Sons of Alboin, is simply a cut above the rest. 

Always in pursuit of new boundaries, always striving for excellence, forever chasing his dreams. Never settling for being the second best and never lingering behind. These are the very traits which have allowed him to take his career to bold new heights, whether through his music or entrepreneurship. He is a creative and versatile visionary in all respects. 

The youngest son of Robert Romero Plant, and Maureen Plant, Logan was born on 21 January 1979. He graduated from the University of South Wales with a Diploma in Sports Massage and also played football, having stints in the Welsh League, Inter Cardiff and the West Midlands League.

Itching to express his boundless creativity, the entrepreneur also pursued a career in music, which allowed him to make the best use of his musical talents and saw him  joining  The Riots – whose name was later changed to Black Country Bandits – and got to travel the world and perform at acclaimed music festivals. He later came to London in 2006 where he joined Sons of Alboin, after marrying Bridget E. Smith in 2005. 

He then took a well deserved break from his music career and founded Duke’s Brew & Que, home to the very successful Beavertown Brewery  – which now boasts many acollades including recognition as ‘One of the top 5 independent breweries in London by the Daily Telegraph. 

In 2018, its minority shares were bought by Heineken and Logan Plant continued as its CEO. Today, the concept of Beavertown Brewery is increasingly regarded as a testament to what a vision of innovation, quality and creativity can achieve. 

Logan Plant’s life is already full of achievements and yet there is a sense of potential for even more:  

The entrepreneur not only enjoyed a music carrier but he also successfully took both Duke’s Brew and Que, and Beavertown to heights I’m not sure he ever imagined. He rose through the ranks and now he gets to search for new horizons. 

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