London black cabs reveals a plan for upgrading their cars to new electric models:

This is good news for LTC (London Taxi Company) which went into administration in 2012 prior to being bought by Geely – a chinese car manufacturer, the following year. Currently employing around 1500 staff, the company has invested millions in their new model the TX5, having manufactured the iconic black cab for 69 years in the UK.

LTC is looking to start selling the new electric taxis in London during the final quarter of the year, before being sold worldwide around 2018. The revival which is being praised by many, came in just the right time and for a company that was previously on its knees, this is indeed a victory and a reminder to never give up the fight.

“We are extremely proud of what we have achieved today, and we have firmly put our stake in the ground as a new, global automotive leader in urban commercial vehicles.” said mr. Foster, LTC Chairman.

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