Fitbit enthusiasts have been sent into a frenzy with the alleged leaked images of the new Fitbitt Higgs – the much anticipated smartwatch for fitness enthusiasts.

The fitness smatwatch release has been delayed by a few setbacks – it was originally meant to be released this spring but its official date has been pushed back to the fall due to some technical glitches on the final prototype.

The Higgs is reportedly packing a number of key features such as wireless earbuds, an impressive colour display boasting 1000 nits of brightness, making it visually as capable as an Apple Watch. It will also feature a built in GPS, cardiac monitoring and even a contactless payments feature.

Its projected retail price is rumoured to be around £250 for the watch and around £100 for the earphones, making it a direct competitor to the Apple Watch which in 2016 had a firm grip on a 50% of the smartwatch market share with sales topping a reported 11.9 million units, although Apple is still to release the official figures.

The Higgs smartwatch is also said to be in a sleek aluminium design but early images may suggest the watch could be slightly bulky. There will be two main colours available – the ‘Nightfall Blue’ and the ‘Lunar Gray.’

Has the Apple Watch finally met its match? Quite possibly, not because the Higgs has the same functionality because we all know that when it comes to features and apps, the Apple Watch is miles ahead of its competitors. But because Fitbit already has a devoted audience in the form of fitness enthusiasts and this is where the threat lies for the Apple Watch. Interesting times are indeed ahead, as both tech giants go into battle for the number one spot!


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