You’ll be inspired by the splendor, attraction and serenity of this ancient place – Lough Gur is undoubtedly one of Ireland’s most impressive archaeological sites to visit.

The helpful visitor centre explains the history of Pre-Celtic Ireland going back up to 3000 BC, while the whole presentation also includes a slide show, creative exhibition models and interactive displays.

Blessed with a beautiful lake and limestone hills, this peaceful location with pre-historic importance is remarkable for the diversity of bird life in addition to a wealth of ancient relics and archeology!

Lough Gur is open daily and accessible. There is an admission fee to the Heritage Centre but you can walk around the grounds for free. The historic park and lake are about a 30-minute drive from the city of Limerick. Use the on-site parking lot adjacent to the Heritage Centre. Near the lake, find the Grange Stone Circle, Ireland’s largest stone circle. It is believed this intriguing structure was used by Bronze Age people for summer solstice rituals.






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