Stunning shorelines, pristine beaches, crystal clear sea, beautiful green pines, and a gorgeous towering are just some of the features you can look forward to upon your visit to the Makarska Riviera. 

Makarska Riviera can be found on the Dalmatian coast, just an hour away from the Split. With the towering mountain Biokovo to one end, and the Adriatic Sea to the other, this coastal city is barely 60 km long, but it already boasts some of Croatia’s most beautiful attractions for just about any tourist junkie.

With a number of other small islands within the immediate vicinity of the small city, it is simply impossible to exhaust all of Makarska’s most appealing attractions in only one trip. So, what can you look forward to when planning a trip to Makarska?

Makarska’s many coastline beauties

A coastal city, Makarska is famous for its many beaches which cover a long stretch. The most popular beach in the city is the beautiful town beach with a natural pine forest the side and clear, blue skies matching the color of the sea. However, many other hidden beaches abound around Makarska for those wishing to take in the sun by the sea. These beaches offer an opportunity for water-based activities like snorkeling, banana rides, and jet skiing. 

Just nine miles away from Makarska is Brela, a small coastal area with beautiful pebble beaches stretching a total of 6 km along the coast. If you have plenty of time or wish to see some of the more hidden beaches, you will find the peblly Baska Voda beaches, un-shaded Brela Vruja beaches, and the 10 m high Nugal waterfall beach extremely refreshing.

Makarska’s must-see attractions 

Despite making its name for its many picturesque beaches, there’s more to the Makarska Riviera than its magnificent shoreline. Learn about the history of the town by visiting the 500-year-old Franciscan Monastery and its unique Malacological museum. Feed your love for art by visiting any of Makarska’s many art galleries like Antung Gojak, the city gallery, or Konoba Fenik’s private ethnographic collection – in Tucepi. 

The city is also awash with many monuments, from St. Peter’s monument to a monument erected in honor of Croatia’s first president Franjo Tudman. Take a trip to the astronomical observatory which also doubles as a monument to victims of World War II. Other attractions include the archaeological Shellfish Museum, Nature Park Biokovo, the Peninsula of St. Peter, Kacic Square and the Makarska Harbour.

Hotels in Makarska

A hugely popular tourist destination within the Croatian coast, Makarska offers multiple accommodation types for those wishing to see the city. Popular hotels include the three-star hotel Biokovka, four-star hotel Meteor, Aparthotel Pecic, and more.

Having developed into a major tourist destination, though, it is not uncommon to find private accommodations and beautiful holiday villas for tourists. You would simply have to determine which one best fits for the duration of your stay, family size, and budget. And if you would rather get a feel of a full blown adventurous trip, the Campsite Jure offers a multitude of caravans, tents, and modern camp homes of different kinds for your stay.

Other things to do in Makarska

Makarska offers the complete experience to tourists, whether you wish you are just passing through or wish to stay for a few days. With tons of organized day trips across pristine sea routes and out into some bigger nearby cities; plenty of pizzerias, taverns, and restaurants; a number of grocery shops, mall, and a farmer’s market for your shopping needs; and bubbling, event-filled nightlife, everything you need for a perfect holiday is right here with you.

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