Imagine going to the bore-hole to fetch water. You carry it to your house and pour it into a big container which happens to have a leakage. By the time you go on the next trip and return, all the water in the container is gone… If you continue this process, how would you describe it? I’ll say you’re busy doing nothing. 

Unfortunately, this is what most businesses are experiencing today. They engage in tedious tasks, have so many distractions and are also are extremely busy. However, all these are not adding any much value to the business itself. 

Wouldn’t you love it if all the effort you’re putting in your business is counting for something? How would you like to see your business blossom while you’re still able to create enough time for your family? All these and more are what Mark Elliott guarantees you. 

Most valuable lessons are learned through mistakes, but they also come at a cost. Mark has made these mistakes and has paid the price. You don’t have to make the same mistakes. Get it right from the onset. 

I’ll tell you a little bit about Mark Elliott – where he is coming from, and why he’s the guy you should be talking to about your business. 

Who is Mark Elliott and what does he stand for? 

Mark Elliott is a trusted and highly efficient UK based Business Coach and Entrepreneurship Educator. His service and focus are on those who want to grow their vision – helping them become grounded, more sustainable and in turn coach them into successful businesses. Mark believes in working with positive and enthusiastic energy. While being empathetic, inclusive, exacting, and process oriented. 

His major focus is on start-ups, scale-ups and major multinationals. He thrives in customer interactions and process building.  

Where did it all start? 

He started in a technologically advanced company in the UK which never recorded much advancement due to its lack of vision. From there he moved on to a US-based company which was successful but was eventually also sold.  His time wasn’t wasted though, as he learned some valuable lessons, including the fact that succeeding in a business goes way beyond having the right product.  

He also had stints in start-ups where he efficiently mastered the skill of attracting investment and creating effective marketing, and this is what let to Mark’s vision of  eventually creating his own company. Taking it to a million pound business, but was blind-sided by external events which he didn’t have the resilience to withstand.  His Business Coaching is aimed at stopping you being blind-sided as he was. 

What does Mark Elliott offer? 

Through his coaching, he helps you reduce energy-sapping tasks and distractions that won’t help your business. He helps you bring more efficiency and effectiveness in your business while skilfully balancing your family time. 

He will help you get more revenue from existing clients as well as creating new ones – by means of strategic marketing and tactical initiatives. Helping you create a clear and achievable plan for your business. 

Client testimonies 

Some of Mark’s clients have had their expectations surpassed as their company sold more in the in a few weeks than they had in previous months! And it’s all thanks to Mark.  

Through his highly dedicated and insightful guidance, businesses have been able to see a massive turnaround and achieve major growth.  

Everything worth doing is worth doing well. Your business is not an exception to this. Your brain work, investments, sacrifices, and hard work should count for something. Leap today and transform your business and productivity completely by accessing his wealth of advice. 

For inquiries/booking of sessions, click here. You can also visit Mark Elliott’s LinkedIn page. 

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