Manufacturing Services Wales can coach your team into success:

We’ve all heard the UK’s biggest Entrepreneurs and CEO’s quoting a popular term which goes along the lines of, “look after your staff and they will look after you” – right? Well, this rings especially true in business terms as your professional workforce is the primary resource driving your business forward.

Change is inevitable and so is the fact that your industry will most likely keep changing and evolving. As it does, so must your business evolve and change with it in order to keep up with new trends, as well as ever more complex and specific customer demands!

It is therefore mandatory that the hardworking staff your business relies so much upon, remains well trained with the right operational perspective, and is able to deliver the type of service and professionalism your clients expect, and your business operations also require, in order to thrive and keep pushing  forward.

Introducing Manufacturing Services Wales (MSW) – A Training and Development  company which specialises in bespoke training programmes which can be designed to meet customer’s demanding needs.

Each piece of training is accredited. MSW is an ILM (Institute of Learning and Development), centre of excellence and they take pride in creating and designing training programmes specific to the needs of your company.

The programmes vary from Learning and development modules, Health and Safety, Productivity to providing accredited RTITB work packages for fork lift truck training delivered by their sister company Industrial Training Services (ITS) .

As MSW strives to find out what is current, they’ve put in place their own continuous improvement plan, allowing the training company to keep up to date with compliance and procedures which ensure quality and excellent customer service.

Do you wish to be in the know? 

Manufacturing Services Wales are so successful and sought after by its clients and this is due to the implementation of the Kaizen methodology within their training programmes:

Kaizen comes from two Japanese words – Kai (improvement) and Zen (good). Over time its meaning has evolved slightly and conveniently adapted into “step by step improvement or continuous improvement “– which is at the heart of MSW’s training principles!

They firmly believe that in this day and era, it is simply not enough to sit back and wait for success to knock on your door. In fact, in 2019 companies have to dig deeper and have a much broader mindset – they have to be competitive and use their most valuable resource – PEOPLE – in a way that encourages inner growth and external productivity!

In order to do this, you’ll have to create an enthused and self-motivated workforce – which is not easy without the right vehicle to enable them.

MSW has vast industry experience in Kaizen and are able to show that “small steps” fit a perfect methodology that improves quality, productivity, safety and instils into the workplace a learning culture that yields major improvements over time.

And unlike many business practices, Kaizen’s strength comes from requiring all workers —from the CEO or MD to the shop floor assistant—to contribute with suggestions to improve the business.

According to Manufacturing Services Wales, your business should have 3 key components:

1.The Customer

2.The Workforce

3.The Vehicle which connects everything and everyone together

Businesses which benefited from MSW’s unique and tailored training have enjoyed a masterclass which shows exactly how all sectors can gain from introducing a Kaizen culture by adopting a simple 5 step process to maximise your values.

Developing the right ‘vehicle’ to ensure your company’s continued success is MSW’s expertise – let them be part of your journey to excellence!

If you’re wondering how they can help you, make sure you get in touch with Manufacturing Services Wales here, or get in touch with Industrial Training Services here!

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