Sharing music is not something that we often do but with recent worldly events casting at the very least uncertainty and worry in people’s hearts and society in general, we found it’s only right that we share Michael Stosic’s inspiring single ‘Strength of My Heart’ with our readers and the web. Here’s why:

Michael is a renowned Contemporary Christian singer and songwriter and to him faith is the most powerful medicine we can have. 

The pressures of daily life and society are becoming increasingly negligent of our truest emotions – by forcing us to surpress any weaknesses. We’re expected to be professionally successful and to be a great husband or great wife, and a million other labels – all of which allows very little room for mistakes and self care.

This modern day way of living, not only is wearing our minds and bodies down, it’s also quickly becoming unsustainable – that’s exactly why Stosic’s release is indeed needed and relevant.

It carries a message of strength, faith and perseverance, especially when we’re at our lowest. It is there to change our mindset and what better way to do so, than with the help of rich and upbeat christian rock tones and encouraging lyrics?

‘Strength of My Heart’ is scheduled for release on Monday, 18th March on radio world-wide.

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