Millionaire tycoon loses half of his £140million fortune to his wife as she wins favourable ruling in court!

Ouch. That’s gotta hurt. Is it really worth the risk getting married if you’re a young and prominent businessman? It seems nowadays the line between love and manipulation is a fine one and when you’re a millionaire, how do you really know when someone is with you for love or for money?

We’ve all heard countless stories of entrepreneurs or wealthy men who lost most of their hard-earned cash to their divorcees, and this never ends well. Why should any woman or man get half of their partner’s fortune, if they didn’t create it? Yes, they should be entitled to some, but never 50% or half of an individual’s income or fortune.

It’s just demoralising and doesn’t help those who wish to get married, if they have to protect assets because of the very real possibility of losing half of them, if things fail to work out. It’s probably a lot easier not getting married at all. It’s completely ludicrous, especially in the case of the latest family court victim Randy Work. Having made a fortune in Japan before moving to the UK, and just lost half of it to his former wife Mandy Gray, who had actually been disloyal to him and still got t paid in the end.

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