Mitchell Roach is a 22 year old trader who, after achieving fantastic success, has started his own company to tutor people looking to pursue a career in trading.

Born and raised in Greenwich, London, Mitchell was always a puzzle-solver. Winning a chess championship at the tender age of 10, he was destined to be a bright spark. From the age of 16 he was enticed by the prospect of making his own money on his own terms, and developed a curiosity for how the oil trade market worked. Finally, at the age of 18, Mitchell was able to venture into the world of oil trading himself.

Whilst pursuing an apprenticeship in tech and cyber security, he found himself becoming more and more enthralled by his ability to make money trading oil. His day job was starting to feel like a secondary job. This is when Mitchell discovered cryptocurrency.

His investments began when Bitcoins were sold at £50 per coin. Dedicating all his efforts to investing into this and other cryptocurrencies, he lived off noodles for a year and refrained from going out and living the party lifestyle of his peers. Mitchell invested everything he had for months on end, maintaining faith in his financial acumen and instincts.

Finally, after all the hard work and patience, his year of toiling paid off. Mitchell became a millionaire at the age of 21, which further inspired him to continue his career in trading and expand into other avenues.

Teaching at a trading school, Mitchell imparts his knowledge of the markets to classes of hundreds via webinars. And he hasn’t stopped there. In 2019 Mitchell founded, a company through which he wants to reach out to people who want to learn how to trade as he does. We asked Mitchell some key questions about his vision for

Why did you found

I want to let people know that they can have the freedom to make money on their own terms. I turned down my university offer to do architecture, in spite of pressure from school and my parents. I want to reach out to other people, especially young people, so they can do the same. And they don’t have to do it without a tutor like I did – that’s where can help.

I want to cultivate the right attitude in our mentees. I always say – if you’re looking to make a quick buck, go to the casino. Trading requires patience and discipline, and we can provide the guidance to ensure people abide by this.

What makes different from other mentoring services?

A lot of our competitors do what is called ‘Signals’ – this is not recommended. It’s basically a scam because they encourage customers to emulate their trading habits without teaching them proper risk management and data analysis skills. provides a bespoke service and we work with our students one-on-one. I want to encourage people and make sure they’re set up with the proper skills and knowledge to be successful.

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