I don’t know why but I’ve always found any of Cardiff’s Nando’s restaurants to be a vibrant place, perfect for a social, non-fussy meal with friends or family so it’s no surprise that I decided to write a quick recommendation article about it here, at Vida Unique.

There’s three options available – two within Cardiff’s city centre. One based in the famous Brewery Quarter and the other which is my personal favourite, located in the new St. Davids shopping centre, and lastly another one in Cardiff Bay which comes a close second.

The simple reason why I particularly like the St. Davids Nando’s, is because it offers more than an eating experience, surrounded by eye catching restaurants and situated inside Wales’ most vibrant shopping centre.

Another thing which we appreciate about the portuguese restaurant, is the speed in which the service is delivered… Add that to the staff friendliness, the vibrant atmosphere, bubbly background music and the social atmosphere, all of which make the tradition of going to Nando’s almost a mandatory thing.

For someone like me, it is an ideal setting to conduct non-formal business meetings and build client rapport over some great grub. It does the trick every time! Furthermore, let’s be honest… Nando’s chicken is probably one of the best served chicken you can eat anywhere in the world, so any excuse to go there is a great excuse.


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