It’s the phone that we all wanted see. The new Nokia 3310 is a straight blast from the past and the overall design is also very much like the 3310 that we remember. It is however, a much thinner version. It’s also a bit more plastic than we remember but it comes in a nice glossy finish and it’s also available in a nice range of colours.

As in the original version, you can still pop off the back plate and pull off the battery, exposing two sim card slots, and in terms of storage – you will never run out of space for messages again because it also with a micro SD card slot.

If you used new Nokia phones, than we’re sure the OS is very familiar and of course, it includes the app that everyone wants to see – the snake. Another thing that we think you’d love to hear, is that the classic Nokia ringtone is still a feature which instantly brings nostalgia and old memories of youth!

The phone also comes with a 2mp camera for taking basic pictures and a numeric keypad for the typing, keeping in line with the old style and key features of its older model. But the real question – is it actually any good?

Aside from the fact that it can support up to 22 hours of talk time and up to a month of stand-by in a single charge, overall, this is a simple, basic, nostalgic handset. As simple as they come and I must admit, it is rather nice once you hold it in your hands.

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