Nick Mason is the rather pragmatic UK CEO & Founder of cloud-based software company Turtl, which encourages businesses to engage and convert their audience using modernized content experiences – fully created, published and analysed on its impressive software.

The outspoken entrepreneur who began his career as a software developer before launching Turtl in 2014, has always had an interest in psychology and the connection between human engagement with content. Ultimately, it was his own curiosity which led him to question the way businesses and thought leaders choose to deliver their ideas and messages:

“So much content goes against the core principles of how we absorb and remember information, to the detriment of how readers engage with it. I want to change that.

I founded Turtl with this mission in mind. The aim? To empower anyone to create beautiful interactive content, get powerful analytics-based insights and dramatically improve the performance of their content over time.“

Turtl’s expertise revolves mainly around content marketing and innovative reading experiences focusing on Social sharing; Social polling, Analytics, Keynote presentations and leave behinds, Cross platform SaaS product, content marketing platform, content strategy, marketing technology, martech, as well as Interactive content.

A brilliant thinker and observer, Nick’s insight proves to be encouraging for anyone with an idea and willing to work hard:

“Small companies cannot compete with larger ones on equal terms. It’s just impossible. Marketing budgets, execution, brand awareness and virtually everything else is always in favour of bigger companies.

All a small business has is an idea and a naive conviction that it can be turned into a reality so impactful that it overturns the status quo. Many small companies are formed when someone sees an issue in a market they’re unfamiliar with that they believe can be solved using the knowledge they’ve gained from other experiences. They feel that no one else in that field has seen this issue because they’re too close to it and embedded in the status quo.

This kind of “intelligent naivety” is behind some of the most famous products and brands in the world.”

Not many people are able to point this out with as much certainty as the Founder himself. His company went from a small start-up to a team of over 50 employees in just under 5 years!

That is exactly what we find so inspiring about Nick Mason – perfect vision and execution.

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