Imagine being able to tell the exact snag or soon-to-be snag in your business before it is too late.

London based Omega 1 Associates will not only save you time and money, but also save your business from a plethora of damages including loss of clients and legal troubles.

Managing a business or organisation is no easy task, of course – there is just too much work to do, and the constantly changing operational risk in the business world doesn’t make it any easier.

The good news is that you do not have to worry anymore. Spearheaded by CEO Derek Mendonça – Omega 1 Associates are fully committed to unraveling hidden financial and security abnormalities in any company!

From threat assessment, to auditing & designing of security plans, from financial control, to competitive intelligence, and corporate governance – this team of dedicated experts are primarily focused on ensuring the growth, security, and sustenance of your business.

Think something is amiss in your organisation? Well, in most cases, you wouldn’t know until it is too late. This is why it is highly critical to seek advice from a professional auditing and risk management company such as Omega 1 Associates – they possess a stellar expert team with an eye for detail.

Amongst their many successful operations, they have used their expertise to solve specific troubling scenarios such as an employee who left a company with proprietary and confidential information to start up his own business. By conducting a thorough investigation including forensic examination of desktops and laptops, the Omega 1 team were able to find the exact information taken, and also when and how it was taken. This went a long way in helping the company pursue the case legally and recover the stolen data.

Other triumphant cases include a Procurement Director from a blue-chip company who utilised services from outsourced providers selected by himself as part of the bid process, used their services to repair and build his own home, while billing his employers for the services!

Surprisingly, such issues are becoming more common amongst  established businesses – so if you think something is wrong, do not take a chance with your company. Take action and seek advice from Omega 1 Associates. Don’t wait to salvage the damage when it eventually occurs – your business needs to be protected today.

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