Quandary Pond is a specialist hypnotherapy practice born out of the need to help anyone struggling with issues relating to behavioural and emotional disorders. Helping clients understand why and how it all came about in the first place.

Achieving emotional stability; inner peace and acceptance in our world today can take as much as an entire lifetime. Fortunately, with the guidance of passionate practitioners such as Terry White from Quandary Pond – getting the clarity and understanding we all seek is not only possible, but it will change our lives forever.

After struggling with negative thoughts and behaviours, as well as destructive habits for a greater part of her younger age – Terry White who is now the trusted and experienced Hypnotherapist behind Quandary Pond – decided to challenge the very same mindset which had been preventing her from being the best she could be.

Speaking on what led to such a transformation, terry explained:

“At 56 I’m really content with my life but it hasn’t always been that way… I’ve been a nail biter and quit, a smoker and quit, I’ve been overweight and slimmed down, I was angry for many of my younger years but have found a calm within, I once despised myself and have learnt to love myself.

These transformations came about over a period of 20+ years of deliberate and determined consciousness. There have been many highs and lows in my journey, but I never imagined it would lead me to study under the renowned hypnotherapist, Marisa Peer, and grow into a lifelong learning opportunity.”

In terms of services, Quandary Pond offers Rapid Transformational Therapy (also known as RTT Hypnotherapy) – using the Marisa Peer Method of hypnosis, regression and transformation:

“Hypnosis is the process of inducing a sleepy, natural Alpha state where your conscious mind relaxes and enables your subconscious mind to become open. The regression gets to the root cause of your problem to effectively help you understand where and why you carry and display the beliefs and behaviours you do.”

RTT specific tools and techniques are used to extract the negative and replace old beliefs with new positive ones, of course all with the client’s awareness and permission.

A multitude of issues can be improved or cleared using RTT specific techniques including; anxiety, anger, stress, fears, relationship issues, finding blocks to any area of your life, smoking, drug abuse and many more such as physical pain and skin conditions.

Speaking on what about Hypnotherapy fascinates her, the keen therapist revealed:

“I’m always amazed at how the processes of RTT can uncover each person’s individual reason for a condition like anxiety. Although many people experience some form of anxiety at one time or another, there is no ‘one reason fits all’ scenario. Fortunately, Rapid Transformational Therapy uses a number of very effective techniques that help the client identify their own unique ‘when and where’ they acquired whatever it is they are experiencing.

It fascinates me that a condition such as anxiety can be born out of a need for protection and self-preservation. The conscious mind has difficulty understanding this concept, whereas the subconscious mind doesn’t judge and just accepts this. Without the judgement and analytics of the conscious mind the client is able to feel and accept new positive beliefs that resonate with them.”

RTT gives the client a greater understanding of how their current issues manifested in the first place. Its proven tools and techniques help the client clear old beliefs and behaviours and instils new positive thought patterns for a happier future.

As Terry puts it: “in our fast-paced world people are looking for rapid results. RTT can give them that. In many cases a single 90 minute session is all that’s required to reach that person’s desired outcome. It’s such a pleasure to witness the massive positive changes people experience through RTT. They feel better for it and when you feel better, you are better.”

To book a consultation or find out more about Quandary Pond, simply visit www.quandarypond.co.uk.

… And be the best you can be!

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